Alan H Rosenstein MD MBA

Disruptive Behavior Specialist

Education and Facilitation

Addressing disruptive behaviors is a complex situation that requires an in-depth understanding of the nature and extent of the problem and the importance of a strong top to bottom organizational commitment to improve the environment. One of the key aspects of such a program is education.

A crucial part of the education program is to raise levels of awareness and accountability and provide a framework for developing a process to address the problem in a consistent effective manner (See outline below). Depending on the need, more in-depth interactive group workshops are available to help organizations focus on individual areas of concern.

Disruptive behaviors can occur across all health care disciplines. They are particularly problematic when they involve physicians. Understanding the factors influencing physician behaviors is crucial to providing successful strategies that improve compliance with expected professional and clinical standards of care.

Disruptive Behavior 101: (45-90 minutes)

Title: "The Impact of Disruptive Behaviors on Staff Relationships, Communication Efficiency, and Clinical Outcomes of Care"


Learning objectives:

All sessions are customized to meet the organizationís needs and priorities based on pre-conference discussions.

Other Customized Educational Programs- Physician Engagement:

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